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We know the importance of finding the right patients to keep your trial moving. If your research fails, it should never be due to lack of right-fit patients. We can find them, so you can enroll them.

BEKhealth by the numbers


patient records


faster enrollment

Qualified patients identified in less than


Access to research minded



Automated ETL pipeline using 25+ proprietary EMR Adapters


AI-powered data platform that translates structured and unstructured EMR data

Patient Matching

Automated identification of patients that match I/E criteria with over 90% accuracy

Study Rescue

We’ve worked with clients who spent years trying to find the right patients. Upon taking the study, we can find what you need in a matter of hours. With the power of AI, we can rapidly identify clinically qualified patients by translating EMR data, allowing you to recruit patients you know fit the bill. See the case study of how we found a patient in less than 24 hours, for a study that had been stuck for 2 years. Save your study, stop wasting time.

Site Matching

Through the BEKnetwork, sponsors are matched to community-based clinical research sites who are right fit for specific clinical trials based on patient populations

Patient Matching

Through the BEKnetwork, sponsors can initiate a site-based patient referral program, matching patients from BEKnetwork sites to existing clinical trial sites

We have the sites

Take advantage of the BEKnetwork by finding the sites you need. We will facilitate the relationship for you, allowing the highest possible rate of success. Rather than taking on 100 sites with zero patients, find the few with the patients you need.