Human Powered AI

Remove the tedious, manual tasks that hold back your clinical staff. Say goodbye to bottlenecks that stop clinical studies in their tracks. The BEK Patient-Matching Platform is the AI-powered solution that makes patient identification faster and more precise than ever before so that sites can confidently meet enrollment goals.

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Why use the platform
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10x more qualified patients

We speed up site feasibility and detect more protocol-eligible candidates leading to 10x more qualified patients and 2x more patients enrolled.

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Data-driven study feasibility and recruitment commitments

We rapidly sift through structured and unstructured medical records, helping sites gain a clearer understanding of their patient population pre- and post-study award.

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Save 100s of hours by eliminating unnecessary chart abstraction

We automate chart review to match more qualified potential participants, saving site coordinators hundreds of hours in the process.

How it works

Forever, the clinical trial enrollment process has relied on direct-to-consumer marketing or manual chart reviews, which is incredibly expensive, inefficient, and time consuming. Oftentimes resulting in a lot of guesswork and “hoping for the best”.

So, we built an AI-powered solution that instantaneously sorts and sifts through EMR data to find clinically-qualified patients for you to recruit. By translating structured and unstructured data (doctor notes, pdfs, lab reports, and clinical documents) the powerful AI translates EMR data from a system initially built for insurance to a purpose-built system for finding and matching patients to research studies.


Automated ETL pipeline using 25+ proprietary EMR Adapters and 19+ NGS Processors


AI-powered data platform that standardizes structured and unstructured medical data by cleaning, interpreting, predicting, and validating your data.

Trial Feasibility

AI-powered decision making, allowing researchers to access real-time patient data and use it to analyze their patient populations, quickly determine trial feasibility, automate processes and identify untapped trial opportunities (or avoid costly study startup miss-fires).

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Trial Candidates

AI-powered automated identification of patients that match I/E criteria with over 90% accuracy. Refreshed nightly, bringing new eligible patients and excluding ineligible patients from clinical research studies in real-time.

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Putting the human in AI

Don’t have the staff or expertise to build feasibility reports or trials? No problem, BEKhealth provides a specialized group of research nurses to assist your every move. We don’t just hand you a solution and send you on your way, we collaborate with hands-on guidance to ensure the best possible outcomes in your research.

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Rapid Implementation

Our team works closely with you to implement and integrate the BEKplatform in an industry-leading 2-8 weeks. With 25+ existing EMR connectors, we can get you up and running faster to accelerate your research.

We are currently supporting 25+ EMR platforms. That's 85% of the total market. Here are a few on our ever growing list.

Don’t see your EMR on the list?

No problem, we build new EMR connectors all the time. Our business development and clinical care teams can walk you through our process for ensuring your success.