Put the BEKnetwork to Work

The BEKnetwork is the match-making community that connects sites and sponsors for right-fit studies. Take advantage of data insight reporting, site matching, ongoing protocol feasibility, enrollment rescue support and study opportunities for sites. Our network is powered by our AI patient-matching platform to ensure the perfect sites are matched to the right trials.


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How sponsors find their match

The BEKnetwork is a growing collaborative of research sites, utilizing our AI-powered patient-matching platform, and sponsors who are in search of patients who meet study-specific I/E criteria. With 57 trial sites and almost 4M patient records, our network provides data insights and precision site- and patient-matching to ensure the appropriate study is launched at the right-fit site. Go after the clinically-qualified patients rather than blindly recruiting on self-reported feasibility data and marketing campaign efforts. More accurate, more precise, more qualified patients.

Flexibility in how you work. Contract with BEKnetwork sites based on the right-fit approach.

Site Matching

Through the BEKnetwork, sponsors are matched to community-based clinical research sites that are right fit for specific clinical trials based on patient populations.

Protocol Activation

Our research nurses will activate your protocol at selected sites to rapidly identify patients who meet study-specific I/E criteria and ensure that clinically-qualified patients enter your recruitment funnel.

Patient Matching

Through the BEKnetwork, sponsors can initiate a site-based patient referral program, matching patients from BEKnetwork sites to existing clinical trial sites. Once you are matched to the right-fit sites, the BEKnetwork team gets to work.

Protocol Insights

Protocols have become much more sophisticated over the last 20 years. Through the BEKnetwork, leverage feasibility analytics to inform and evidence-based protocol adjustments that enhance enrollment success.

Activate the BEKnetwork to match sites and patients that meet your study-specific I/E criteria

How sites find their studies

Research sites are the most important piece of the clinical research process. We built the BEKnetwork to benefit sites who are utilizing the BEK Patient-Matching Platform at every step. When you join, you can take advantage of study opportunities and introductions to top sponsors–all at no cost. Choosing the right-fit studies for your staff can save time and burnout, so avoiding studies that you don’t have the patients for is just as important.

Pharma & CRO Benefit

Connect with highly engaged community-based sites.

Identify and match more clinically qualified patients.

Access to diverse patient populations.

Surface patient matches aligned with both clinical and diversity targets.