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Research sites hold the key to successful trials. If a trial fails, it should never be due to lack of right-fit patients. We empower sites to better understand their patient populations with tools that sift through clutter and eliminate tedious manual entry.

Solving for why

We know your clinical staff is swamped. We know taking on the wrong study can cost more than just time and money, but burnout and stress.

The BEKnetwork and BEKplaform are designed to help you know before you accept. This is how BEKhealth can help you reach clinical trial goals.

Query and Cohort Builder

BEKplatform transforms patient-level structured and unstructured medical data to detect more protocol-eligible candidates so you can build robust queries and patient cohorts. Turning disorganized, unstructured clinical data into a synthesized, longitudinal patient graph that is easily queryable.

Feasibility Reports and Insights

BEKplatform facilitates powerful decision making from easily digestible reports, allowing researchers to access real-time patient data and use it to analyze their patient populations, quickly determine trial feasibility, automate processes and identify untapped trial opportunities.

Turn unstructured data into searchable patient information

BEKplatform accesses the saved files, reports, and notes associated with patient charts. After accessing the unstructured data, BEKplatform divides each note/record into sentences and transforms the underlying text. The platform than analyzes and transforms text using deep learning neural net based on BERT to identify medical entities and associated attributes for key domains (e.g.: demographics, diagnosis, medications, etc.).

Text is now mapped to a searchable ontology that is made of more than 24 million search terms, synonyms, and lexemes. Combined with structured medical data, the BEKplatfom generates a synthesized, longitudinal patient graph. To support its industry leading 93% accuracy in interpreting EMR records, BEKhealth employs a human-in-the-loop feedback mechanism to hone the models’ outputs, ensuring a high level of reliability and relevance to clinical contexts.


Receive ongoing feasibility reports to manage patient populations and uncover untapped participation opportunities.

Sponsor Matchmaking

Let BEKhealth introduce you to your next sponsor. We find and match sponsors to sites ensuring a smooth relationship and providing connections to right-fit studies.

Smarter Revenue

With clinically-qualified reports, you can strategically opt-out of studies that aren’t a match, and only accept right-fit trials knowing you have the patients to enroll.

Clinical Support

BEKhealth is the only AI-powered system that offers clinical nurses to help your staff through the process. Let us take on the manual processes so you can focus on your patients.

The BEKplatform

Our Al-Powered patient-matching platform was built for you. We turn EMR data from an insurance system into a research powerhouse. Find the patients who match even the most demanding I/E protocols and start taking on perfect-fit studies.

The BEKnetwork

Once you get started with BEKhealth, the BEKnetwork is free for you to join. Find out about the unlimited benefits that joining offers for your future research goals.