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Research Coordinators are Overworked, Burned Out, and in Short Supply: Technology Can Help

The job of a clinical research coordinator has always had its share of challenges. The work itself is often taxing and laborious, requiring the management of numerous complex studies.

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Improving Trial Recruitment Processes by Moving on from Insurance Codes

The field of medicine is constantly evolving as our clinical and scientific knowledge continues to deepen on an almost daily basis. As this happens, medicine is becoming increasingly more complex.

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BEKhealth and Western States Cancer Research Partner to Expand Availability of Clinical Trials to Over 20 Hospitals and Medical Sites

BEKhealth, a clinical research operating platform, today announced a partnership with Western States Cancer Research NCORP (WSCR-NCORP) to extend access and availability of oncology clinical trials to physicians and patients in Colorado, Washington state, and Alaska.

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The Inextricable Link Between Fast and Accurate Feasibility and Clinical Research Success

Clinical trial feasibility is a critical stage of all clinical trials that can heavily dictate its ultimate success. The site feasibility phase enables sponsors and CROs to understand the likely outcomes if a study were to be conducted at a specific study site, leading to successful candidate recruitment and enabling the study to proceed.

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Clinical Trials and Large Healthcare Systems Are a Good Fit but the Details Matter

Amid continued hospital growth and expansion, ensuring common access to research capabilities and technology across the entire network of a health system is necessary for clinical trial success.

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