Science 37 and BEKhealth Collaborate to Expand Patient Access via Community Providers

Science 37 Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNCE), the industry-leading Metasite™, and BEKhealth, a leading clinical research platform, today announced a partnership that will enable Science 37 to access the EMR data, exclusively, across its network of more than 35,000 community providers, covering more than 35 million patient lives–expanding participant access, accelerating enrollment, and potentially reducing time to market for important investigational treatments and therapies.

“As a virtual site, Science 37 is in the unique position to be able to access patients that are unavailable through a traditional site network,” said Darcy Forman, Chief Delivery Officer at Science 37. “Directly accessing the EMR data across our community providers enables us to get much more precise at feasibility and to accelerate enrollment through one of our most prolific patient recruitment channels.”

Today, less than 3% of all providers are clinical research investigators. Given their limited access to patients, less than 8% of patients are ever contacted to participate in clinical research. By using BEKhealth’s AI technology to search the electronic medical records of patients within Science 37’s extensive community provider network, Science 37 can match individual patients to specific clinical trial cohorts. This expands access to include patients who weren’t previously able to participate, increasing both the volume of participants and the speed of enrollment.

“We are delighted to work with Science 37 to expand access to clinical trials, particularly within under-represented communities,” said Jason Baumgartner, President and CEO at BEKhealth. “By applying our data, technology, and tools to Science 37’s flourishing community provider network, we are able to support their mission to provide access to patients who would normally not have exposure to clinical research. With this partnership, we’ll be able to target the more than 90% of patients in healthcare systems who are traditionally overlooked.”

About Science 37

Science 37, Inc.’s (Nasdaq: SNCE) mission is to accelerate clinical research by enabling universal access for patients. In 2014, we pioneered decentralized clinical trials, and we continue to lead, delivering faster, more inclusive, patient-centric trials, by removing barriers to access through a tech-enabled virtual site. The Science 37 Metasite™ leverages a unified set of people, processes, and technology, delivering greater consistency and regulatory-quality data. With the most medical and operational experience across therapeutic areas, Science 37 has enabled up to 21x faster enrollment, 28% better retention, and 3x more diversity vs. the traditional site.

About BEKhealth

BEKhealth Corporation operates an AI-powered patient-matching software platform serving the clinical trial industry. The platform allows life sciences and healthcare organizations to speed up site selection and patient recruitment by extracting data from electronic medical records (EMRs), which includes structured and unstructured clinical data that captures three times more trial criteria. BEKhealth’s AI-driven data platform uses a proprietary ontology that has been built from 400+ medical libraries aligned against 70,000 protocols to standardize patient data to its interoperable clinical data model. Analyzing records for more than 43 million patients at over 300 partner clinical sites, BEKhealth leverages its extensive knowledge of patient populations to enhance enrollment optimization and detect more protocol-eligible candidates than traditional methods. Given that only 3% of practicing physicians engage in medical research, and less than 9% of patients receive an invitation to participate in clinical trials, BEKhealth’s mission is to enhance human health and well-being by significantly increasing patient access to clinical research. For more information, visit