BEKhealth Secures Approval From Major EMR Vendors, Enabling Rapid Adoption of Its Clinical Research Platform With Limited IT Requirement

BEKhealth, a Clinical Research Platform company, today announced that its suite of clinical research products has been fully vetted and approved by Epic Systems, AllScripts, and athenahealth, three widely used electronic medical records (EMR) vendors reaching more than 60% of U.S. hospital networks, medical groups, and doctors’ offices. BEKhealth, which is EMR agnostic and can be used with any EMR vendor, is also now live and available for activation on athenahealth’s Marketplace and Epic’s App Orchard.

BEKhealth is the most advanced, fully integrated EMR-to-patient enrollment solution to have secured approvals on these EMR networks. The company submitted to robust, extensive evaluations and third-party audits of its technology infrastructure and security compliance practices.

“The validation from these leading EMR data providers is a testament to both the quality of our technology as well as the seriousness with which we’ve pursued maximum compliance in the areas of security and privacy from day one,” said Jason Baumgartner, CEO of BEKhealth. “While BEKhealth is EMR agnostic, these approvals mean that any institution using these vendors can, with great confidence, easily access and activate our range of solutions to rapidly enter or expand clinical research.”

With its platform now live on the athenahealth and Epic marketplaces, users can activate BEKhealth in just two hours and go live in as little as four weeks, with minimal involvement from IT and without the need for complex systems integrations.

“Among other things, COVID has created a backlog of clinical research projects within health systems,” said Josh Ransom, VP of Customer Experience and Product at BEKhealth. “With EMR approvals and availability of BEKhealth on the app marketplaces, activation of the platform is easy and limited IT burden, meaning that we can have a major impact quickly.”

Moving ahead, BEKhealth will leverage these EMR approvals to rapidly expand its customer base in both the hospital and community segments and further accelerate business growth.

About BEKhealth

BEKhealth Corporation operates an AI-powered patient-matching software platform serving the clinical trial industry. The platform allows life sciences and healthcare organizations to speed up site selection and patient recruitment by extracting data from electronic medical records (EMRs), which includes structured and unstructured clinical data that captures three times more trial criteria. BEKhealth’s AI-driven data platform uses a proprietary ontology that has been built from 400+ medical libraries aligned against 70,000 protocols to standardize patient data to its interoperable clinical data model. Analyzing records for more than 43 million patients at over 300 partner clinical sites, BEKhealth leverages its extensive knowledge of patient populations to enhance enrollment optimization and detect more protocol-eligible candidates than traditional methods. Given that only 3% of practicing physicians engage in medical research, and less than 9% of patients receive an invitation to participate in clinical trials, BEKhealth’s mission is to enhance human health and well-being by significantly increasing patient access to clinical research. For more information, visit