BEKhealth Concludes Prosperous 2022 Marked with New Customers, Partners, and Continued Innovation of its Clinical Research Platform

2022 was a banner year of growth and progress for BEKhealth and the broader adoption of its clinical research platform as evidenced by the addition of new customers, partnerships, and a significant expansion of the BEKhealth team.

Over the past year, BEKhealth quadrupled its roster of clinical research and healthcare organization customers. More than 300 research practices used the platform to find eligible patients for trials. Notable new BEKhealth users include CCT Research, a fast-growing network clinical research site network, and Western States Cancer Research, a cancer-focused clinical research non-profit.

The company also successfully formed a range of new partnerships in 2022 including Science 37, CureBase and EmVenio – three of the leading decentralized trial providers that share BEKhealth’s mission of expanding research access to more people no matter their location.

As a result of customer and partner growth, and integrations into 12 additional EMRs, BEKhealth now has more than 22 million patient lives residing within its BEKnetwork, the aggregated database of all secure medical records to which the company has access.

On the technology side, BEKhealth continued to innovate and evolve its platform with the introduction of new solutions designed to provide research and pharmaceutical organizations with the tools and technology needed to design better trials, find and enroll patients, and engage the right research sites. BEKhealth has also debuted new feature enhancements for Galileo, the company’s trial feasibility solution, enabling research organizations to conduct studies with even greater speed and accuracy.

As momentum and enthusiasm for BEKhealth’s multi-faceted solutions have grown, so have the BEKHealth team and the company’s engagement in the industry. In 2022, the BEKhealth team nearly doubled in size as the company succeeded in attracting talent from across the clinical research and healthcare spectrum. BEKhealth thought leaders enjoyed a significant presence at a dozen industry conferences and events across the country throughout the year, a testament to the company’s growing profile.

On the heels of its momentum, BEKhealth is poised to capitalize and continue innovating and expanding in 2023, always guided by the mission to provide more patients with the option to participate in clinical research and help speed the introduction of life-improving therapies.

About BEKhealth

BEKhealth Corporation operates an AI-powered patient-matching software platform serving the clinical trial industry. The platform allows life sciences and healthcare organizations to speed up site selection and patient recruitment by extracting data from electronic medical records (EMRs), which includes structured and unstructured clinical data that captures three times more trial criteria. BEKhealth’s AI-driven data platform uses a proprietary ontology that has been built from 400+ medical libraries aligned against 70,000 protocols to standardize patient data to its interoperable clinical data model. Analyzing records for more than 43 million patients at over 300 partner clinical sites, BEKhealth leverages its extensive knowledge of patient populations to enhance enrollment optimization and detect more protocol-eligible candidates than traditional methods. Given that only 3% of practicing physicians engage in medical research, and less than 9% of patients receive an invitation to participate in clinical trials, BEKhealth’s mission is to enhance human health and well-being by significantly increasing patient access to clinical research. For more information, visit