Alcanza Selects BEKhealth to Accelerate Diverse Representation in Clinical Research

Boston, MA, July 25, 2023 – Alcanza Clinical Research, a mission-focused investigator site network, has selected BEKhealth’s AI-powered data processing software platform to complement its recruitment efforts with participant identification and matching services.

“Partnering with BEKhealth is part of our strategy to expand diverse representation and engage more patients with clinical research as a healthcare option,” said Carlos E. Orantes, Alcanza CEO. “BEKhealth’s powerful solutions offer highly precise and efficient means of identifying the right patients for the right trials.”

BEKhealth harnesses the power of A.I. to rapidly sift through structured and unstructured EMR data, helping sites gain a clearer understanding of their patient population before and during clinical studies. With ongoing searches and updates to inclusion and exclusion data, BEKhealth will help Alcanza better match patients to protocol eligibility criteria that continually rises in complexity.

“We are thrilled to help Alcanza further their mission in making clinical research more accessible and equitable. Our team has already begun implementing our solutions to hit the ground running. We look forward to growing alongside Alcanza’s incredible team,” said BEKhealth CEO, David Levin.

Together, BEKhealth and Alcanza aspire to set a new industry standard for efficient, patient-focused clinical research. By combining expertise, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to scientific excellence, the partnership aims to accelerate the development and delivery of groundbreaking therapies to patients around the world.

About Alcanza Clinical Research

Alcanza Clinical Research is an integrated network of research facilities focused on bringing clinical trial opportunities involving life-changing treatments and vaccines to all patients, especially those from under-represented communities. Located in Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Virginia, Alcanza specializes in conditions across psychiatry, neurology, dermatology and infectious disease therapeutic areas.

About BEKhealth

BEKhealth Corporation operates an AI-powered patient-matching software platform serving the clinical trial industry. The platform allows life sciences and healthcare organizations to speed up site selection and patient recruitment by extracting data from electronic medical records (EMRs), which includes structured and unstructured clinical data that captures three times more trial criteria. BEKhealth’s AI-driven data platform uses a proprietary ontology that has been built from 400+ medical libraries aligned against 70,000 protocols to standardize patient data to its interoperable clinical data model. Analyzing records for more than 43 million patients at over 300 partner clinical sites, BEKhealth leverages its extensive knowledge of patient populations to enhance enrollment optimization and detect more protocol-eligible candidates than traditional methods. Given that only 3% of practicing physicians engage in medical research, and less than 9% of patients receive an invitation to participate in clinical trials, BEKhealth’s mission is to enhance human health and well-being by significantly increasing patient access to clinical research. For more information, visit