Q&A with CJ Anderson of CCT Research

CCT Research, a leading clinical research site network with 29 research locations in 12 states, partnered with BEKhealth in 2021 to accelerate their clinical trial feasibility process and patient identification outcomes. More than one year into the engagement, CCT Research co-founder and CEO, CJ Anderson, shares his thoughts on the impact BEKhealth has had on CCT’s research processes and overall business growth.

Tell us about CCT Research.

CCT Research is one of the largest clinical research site networks with 29 sites across 12 states. Since founding the company in 2017, we have developed entrenched relationships with leading sponsors and CROs and have been consistently recognized as top enrollers on many high-profile global studies. In addition to our enrollment success, CCT has created one of the leading turn-key solutions for physicians interested in offering research-as-a-care-option for their patients.

How did you connect with BEKhealth?

Following our success on a large COVID vaccine study, we wanted to find the tools necessary to replicate our significant enrollment numbers on a larger scale. We believed this answer would be found in a data and analytics solution. In our vendor due diligence, I came across BEKhealth and was pleasantly surprised to see they had already built many of the products I had envisioned. We joined forces in 2021, and it has been a great overall experience so far.

What is your vision for how CCT and BEKhealth can work together to improve clinical research?

Over 100 million Americans currently suffer from at least one chronic illness. CCT and BEKhealth are two extremely important vehicles in improving research participation and ultimately supporting better treatment options. Between both groups, patient access and identification will be significantly improved.

In what areas and ways has BEKhealth positively impacted your business?

BEKhealth has given us a suite of tools to better select trials, identify qualified patients, and improve our onsite recruitment processes. In the area of trial feasibility, BEK has allowed our team to gather the necessary information and complete feasibility studies in a matter of hours, versus days and weeks. This increase in speed has turned many on our team into BEK evangelists!

How would you describe the onboarding and training process?

Whenever integrating a new technology, it was important to get a high level of support. This is exactly what BEKhealth delivered on day one. The onboarding team provided the level of engagement we needed to ensure the training was done correctly and that we fully understood how to utilize their platform. I have been consistently pleased with their supportive and educational process.

Looking ahead?

As the CCT network continues to grow, BEKhealth will be an instrumental partner in our company’s story. I look forward to finding additional ways to provide joint value to our sponsor partners, physicians, and research participants.

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