Curebase to Leverage BEKhealth’s Integrated Clinical Research Platform to More Easily Find and Recruit Decentralized Trial Participants, Expand into Oncology and New Therapeutic Areas

Curebase, a company dedicated to democratizing clinical trials through a decentralized model, today announced a partnership with BEKhealth, a clinical research operating platform, to dramatically expand patient access to decentralized clinical trials and enable research sponsors to find trial candidates with greater speed and efficiency.

Curebase will leverage BEKhealth’s AI-powered patient-matching technology platform to find potential trial participants among previously untapped patient populations and bring the opportunity to those patients, no matter their location. This partnership is grounded in the companies’ shared philosophy of expanding access to clinical trials to any patient anywhere and accelerating the introduction of life-enhancing and life-saving medications and therapeutics.

“In partnering with Curebase, we are furthering our mission to expand access to clinical research for all by literally bringing to the doorsteps of patients the opportunity to enroll in trials they might not have known about otherwise,” said Halley Losekamp, VP of Partnerships and Strategy, BEKhealth. “We’re looking forward to working alongside Curebase to make more diverse types of clinical trial opportunities available to patients no matter where they live, while at the same time easing the burden on research sites challenged with finding eligible participants.”

BEKhealth’s platform standardizes all patient medical data within an EMR system, including handwritten physician notes, making it much easier to search for and identify patients meeting the inclusion and exclusion criteria of a protocol. BEKhealth will run Curebase protocols across its network and identify patients who match the criteria, ultimately delivering a list of patients who meet at least 90% of the trial criteria. Curebase can then approach research sites with the study details with a list of the patients within their network who qualify and begin gauging interest in participating in a trial.

In addition to enabling Curebase and BEKhealth to expand access to new and novel treatment options to a wider network of patients, the two companies will also work together to expand DCT into new therapeutic areas, including oncology, while also bringing research opportunities to sites that, to this point, may not have experience participating in decentralized trials.

“There’s this belief that DCT models don’t fit for oncology and this is a use case that shows it can. There is a way that this model can work and actually offer oncology patients opportunities to get access to treatments they might not have had otherwise,” says Jane Myles, VP of clinical trial innovation at Curebase. “This is a solution that unlocks DCTs for sites that have research experience but may not have direct experience in the decentralized and oncology space.”

BEKhealth can be leveraged by Curebase to reach patients across the board from wide-cast nets to hard-to-find patients. By utilizing the existing and trusted relationships patients have with these sites, patient recruitment for clinical trials can be streamlined in a model that best suits all parties.

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