BEKhealth Unveils Range of Enhancements Across the Platform to Improve Speed and Functionality

Following a year marked by the clinical research industry’s continued embrace and adoption of technology to advance and accelerate research processes, BEKhealth begins a new year by introducing several feature enhancements and technical upgrades intended to improve user experience and enable onsite clinical research coordinators along with pharmaceutical research sponsors to get the most value from the platform.

BEKTranslate takes structured and unstructured data, including informal handwritten doctor notes and pdf documents, and converts it all into data formats that can be easily read and interpreted by BEKhealth’s AI engine. Along with a new and more user-friendly interface, BEKTranslate will now be able to extract data from medical records databases 36% faster while identifying up to 4x more qualifying medical events compared to the structured data alone. The improved engine will also enable new customers to implement BEKhealth faster and begin using the platform to search for and find trial candidates. The ability to convert and extract more accurate data will also serve to enhance BEKNetwork, the company’s aggerated database of patient medical records used primarily by sponsors to find candidates and site locations suitable for their protocols.

Additionally, BEKhealth is introducing feature and functionality upgrades to Galileo, the company’s trial feasibility solution that allows clinical research coordinators or any healthcare professional to run network searches and determine whether to take on an incoming clinical trial opportunity. BEKhealth has unveiled a new and modernized architecture that is capable of supporting many millions of patient charts, as well as the ability to handle the most complex clinical trial protocols. As with BEK Translate, the enhanced version of Galileo will allow for feasibility studies to be executed with much greater speed.

Finally, BEKhealth has introduced stronger consultation recording tools embedded within the platform that can be utilized to track engagements with prospective trial candidates during the recruiting process and throughout the journey.

As the volume of clinical research continues at a frenetic pace and the complexity of trial protocols grows, BEKhealth is consistently working to improve the overall user experience with updates, features, and improved functionality that allow even non-technical users to quickly benefit from all the platform has to offer.

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