BEKhealth Launches Suite of Solutions to Allow Pharmaceutical Sponsors to Design Better Studies, More Precisely Identify Sites, and Recruit Patients Faster

BEKhealth, a clinical research operating platform, today announced the launch of several new solutions to help pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations streamline protocol design processes, find eligible and engaged patients with greater speed and efficiency, and match protocols with sites capable of executing trials. The new products include:

  • BEKInsights leverages all the data within BEK’s expansive network to help sponsors and CRO’s understand the likelihood of finding and recruiting patients for a new clinical study at the earliest stages of the design process. Taking all inclusion and exclusion criteria into consideration, BEKinsights produces a high-level report of patient counts and insights that can be used to inform necessary changes to protocol design.
  • BEKMatch reviews protocols and analyzes against all the clinical research sites within the network to determine which sites are likely to have patients that can potentially be enrolled in the study. BEKhealth utilizes BEKMatch to find the right fit sites for upcoming and current clinical trials.
  • BEKConnect is an active physician referral program that identifies potential trial candidates within BEKhealth’s network. With the ability to bring protocols to sites and physician networks, BEKConnect is an ideal tool for identifying participants for decentralized trials and referring them to the right studies.
  • BEKLink is a patient outreach program that enables pharma and clinical researchers to conduct patient outreach and gauge interest among eligible candidates. By engaging target candidates early in the recruitment process and determining willingness to participate in research, BEKLink helps researchers focus time and efforts on interested patients.

“With the introduction of these four unique solutions, we are deepening our commitment to arming pharma sponsors and research leaders with the insights and tools that elevate speed and efficiency across all phases of the clinical research process,” said Jason Baumgartner, CEO of BEKhealth. “The continued expansion of our suite of solutions will bring clinical research to a greater and more diverse population of people, ultimately accelerating the introduction of life-improving and life-saving drugs and therapies.”

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