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Jason Baumgartner talks on the Applied Clinical Trials podcast

BEKhealth founder, Jason Baumgartner, recently joined the Applied Clinical Trials podcast to talk about his career in the clinical research space and the company’s mission to remove barriers between primary care physicians and clinical research organizations.

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BEKhealth Launches Scoring System to Help Pharmaceutical Companies Ensure Clinical Trial Protocols are Compatible with the Latest AI-Enabled Site Solutions

BEKhealth, a Clinical Research Platform company, today announced the launch of BEKScore, a new commercially available service to help pharmaceutical companies design clinical trials compatible with the latest AI solutions used by research organizations at trial sites.

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Q&A with Roshan Yadama, BEKhealth Director of Research Services

Throughout his career, Roshan Yadama has helped healthcare organizations solve problems and overcome obstacles to achieve their short- and long-term goals. As the newly appointed Director of Research Services for BEKhealth, he is leveraging this experience to ensure every BEKhealth client gets maximum value from their use of the company’s clinical research platform.

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Clinical Trials and Large Healthcare Systems Are a Good Fit but the Details Matter

Amid continued hospital growth and expansion, ensuring common access to research capabilities and technology across the entire network of a health system is necessary for clinical trial success.

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BEKhealth Secures Approval From Major EMR Vendors, Enabling Rapid Adoption of Its Clinical Research Platform With Limited IT Requirement

BEKhealth, a Clinical Research Platform company, today announced that its suite of clinical research products has been fully vetted and approved by Epic Systems, AllScripts, and athenahealth, three widely used electronic medical records (EMR) vendors reaching more than 60% of U.S. hospital networks, medical groups, and doctors’ offices.

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BEKhealth Introduces Galileo – Research Network Trial Feasibility Solution to Evaluate Protocols with Greater Speed, Precision, and Efficiency

Galileo provides real-time visibility across a clinical research network’s entire patient population, reducing the time it takes to accurately evaluate a prospective clinical trial from weeks to an hour.

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