Intro to the BEKnetwork: Access, Opportunity, and Revenue for Clinical Research Sites

Historically, clinical research has been a time-consuming process wrought with various challenges and obstacles to success.

Pharmaceutical companies and research sponsors struggle to find patients that meet the increasingly complex inclusion and exclusion criteria of protocols and spend copious amounts of time trying to find candidates and site locations. Research sites and healthcare organizations, on the other hand, are overloaded with research requests and simply don’t have the resources and staffing to adequately review incoming protocols, determine which are appropriate for their network, and then run the studies they select.

These realities are among the reasons it takes an average of 10 to 15 years to develop a new drug and 90 percent of clinical studies fail.

BEKhealth’s mission is, in part, to connect research sponsors and sites in a more seamless and harmonious way. The BEKnetwork will take this mission another step forward, enabling sponsors to leverage BEKhealth’s vast and rapid network of sites and patients while also generating new revenue opportunities for research sites.

The BEKnetwork brings together researchers, healthcare providers, and industry stakeholders, powering better decision-making for all parties. BEKhealth leverages its expansive network, data, and proprietary technology to provide flexible solutions aimed at optimizing clinical trials. The BEKnetwork offers an aggregated database of all secure medical records to which the company has access through its partnerships with research and healthcare organizations across the country. BEKhealth takes the structured and unstructured data residing in EMR medical records (including handwritten doctors’ notes, which typically make up 70 percent of a patient’s chart) and standardizes the data to make it searchable.

Research sites that opt into the BEKnetwork can be considered for clinical trials via their partnership with BEKhealth. Through engagement with sponsors and CRO’s, BEKhealth can run protocol feasibility studies across the BEKnetwork, identifying where potentially eligible patient populations exist. If there is a match between a protocol and patient population, BEKhealth connects the site to the sponsor or CRO.

For research and healthcare organizations, opting into the BEKnetwork opens a wave of new opportunities to participate in research and generate new revenue, all without having to engage in the usual time-consuming and laborious efforts of sifting through protocols and managing the study execution. Through BEKhealth’s partnerships with decentralized trial providers, sites can even be compensated simply for referring eligible patients, all while providing a new avenue of hope for patients with debilitating diseases.

BEKnetwork is the next phase of BEKhealth’s effort to leverage technology and artificial intelligence to modernize and digitize the clinical research industry, provide more patients with the option to participate in clinical research, and help speed the introduction and approval of life-improving therapies.

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