Press Release

BEKhealth Launches BEK Translate Real-Time for Clinical Trial Protocol-to-Patient Matching to Address Critical Needs in Today’s Drug Development Environment

BEKhealth Corp., the most innovative provider of AI-based clinical research solutions, today announced the release of BEK Translate Real-Time, which alerts clinical researchers in real-time when patients have a time-sensitive medical event required for eligibility. Now millions of patients can be offered the chance to participate in clinical research and advance medical innovation.

Nearly 25,000 clinical trials start each year that will fail to achieve their patient recruitment goals and timelines. Nearly half of trials, from cancer to infectious diseases, to acute cardiovascular events have short windows during which patients meet the trial eligibility criteria.

BEK Translate Real-Time is especially needed in today’s COVID healthcare environment where it is particularly challenging for doctors, clinical staff, and patients to coordinate research in a timely and safe manner. Research sites benefit from streamlined patient pre-screening, higher enrollment, and improved researcher to MD coordination.

“The combination of real-time notifications with a highly precise patient matching AI solution which can cover >90% of study criteria brings clinical research options to patients in the most time-pressing situations,”  stated Jason Baumgartner, CEO of BEKhealth.

“BEKhealth’s Translate Real-Time will be revolutionary for ensuring no patient is missed for critical and emergency care clinical trials,” continued Dr. Joshua Ransom, BEKhealth Head of Product and Customer Experience. “In the current world of COVID-19’s impact on clinical research, trial recruiters can be notified as soon as a COVID patient is intubated. Any clinical event or treatment can be a trigger for notifying research coordinators. As they say in stroke care – minutes matter.”

BEK Translate Real-Time is now available and is the first application to give research coordinators real-time situational awareness about patient eligibility. Please click here to connect with BEKhealth and learn more.