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BEKHealth is an on-demand patient screening, recruitment and analytics SaaS solution used to rapidly identify and enroll patients in clinical trials.

Thousands of patients enter a medical center every day, yet less than 5% are screened for a clinical study

Solving a Major Humanistic and Economic Challenge

Higher clinical trial participation rates within a health system produces better patient outcomes, lower costs and happier employees. Yet an unfortunately low percentage of patients participate in clinical research -- only 3% of cancer patients enroll in a clinical study.


Adoption of BEKHealth’s technology results in (1) an improved awareness of clinical trials by providers and patients in a health system (2) higher rates of patient recruitment (3) increased capacity for additional clinical studies (4) lower administrative costs


This is achieved by offering the only fully integrated trial portfolio, patient recruitment​ and analytics solution. 


SmartTrial leverages deep learning matching algorithms to automate the process of patient screening for clinical trials. Providers, nurses and trial coordinators can work in harmony to proactively identify appropriate trials for an individual patient.

BEKHealth is not just a technology company, but also a healthcare and design company with a focus on health innovation.